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A specialised wellness company that provides health and wellbeing retreats and services.

As well as our services being the ultimate way to transform your lifestyle and join a community of like-minded individuals, all are designed to be tailored to encompass 'complete' health and wellbeing and self awareness.

Once you have been a Retreat Guest you become a member of the community and can expect a variety of continued connection and support on all things fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and mindset.

We also offer seminars, networking opportunities, holistic classes, fundraising challenges and other complementary therapies that will help enhance wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide life-long-lasting memorable experiences that start before your visit and continues beyond.


We aim not only to help improve all aspects of health and wellbeing of our guests, but to use some of our profits to subsidise specialist retreats and events for our military veterans through our sister company The Veteran Retreat Club CIC.

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Outdoor Fitness
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We are a husband and wife team team based in Nottingham who in 2012 set up a military-style fitness business called XForce Fitness, specialising in outdoor fitness and sports therapy, still running to this day. 

We have a combination of military (Bomb Disposal in the British Army) and civilian training experience and have run timetables that encompass a variety of different classes and disciplines, including weekend residentials.

As well as being in the health and fitness industry for many years we also have a property investment interest, we have a growing portfolio and have won Awards in this field.

As parents the physical and mental health of our own family is paramount, we have ran marathons and ultra marathons, climbed mountains and raised thousands for multiple charities. 

We train our bodies and mind, work on a positive mindset rituals daily, including yoga and cold water immersion.

We continue to work on self development, we love hard, work efficiently and enjoy our time freedom.

We have a genuine passion about improving people's lives; helping them discover their purpose.

In 2021 we launched both our luxury and specialist veteran retreats as we work closely with the best professionals in the industry to offer all-round wellbeing.  We use some of the profits from the luxury retreats to heavily subsidise specialist retreats for our veterans, as part of our sister business The Veteran Retreat Club CIC.  We provide safe, non judgemental environments to train how they know how and incorporate the holistic side to wellbeing. 

We have recognised the need for the experience of a retreat to continue beyond the stay, to create support that lasts and improves the body, mind and soul collectively, every day.

We look forward to sharing your experience of The Exclusive Retreat Club with you.

Lyndsay & Karl Turner

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Upcoming Retreats

  • The Spring Day Retreat at Branston Golf & Country Club
    30 Apr, 09:00 – 17:30 BST
    Burton upon Trent, Burton Rd, Burton upon Trent, Burton-on-Trent DE14 3DP, UK
    A retreat to train, rest and restore the body, mind and soul.
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