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Our retreats are the ideal way to put time aside within a busy world to focus on your all-round wellbeing.

We help you restore balance and create complete physical and mental wellness during and beyond your stay.

Our locations are within various settings to give you the space and environment to escape daily chaos and really delve into discovering true wellbeing and developing your whole self with experienced support.

As a Retreat Guest you become a community member, this is where we provide you not only with the retreat itself but the continued support beyond the retreats, all delivered by qualified and experienced industry professionals.

At The Exclusive Retreat Club we understand that you can't put a price on your health but our packages will certainly enhance it, providing you with the tools to live a long, healthy and happy life.






We like to take you outdoors into nature to exercise, it's the best place to embrace challenging yourself physically and mentally. 
Our professionals are there to ensure that everyone achieves as individuals as well as part of a group, regardless of your abilities.

Our retreats create time and space for your body, mind and soul. 

We deliver sessions and 'down time' that allow you to de-stress and find balance by looking deeper within and therefore discover yourself as a happy 'well'-'being'.


We support you to achieve healthy lifestyles that promote balance between physical, mental and emotional health.
We believe that 'good health' is having a body and mind that is fully functional and serves you positively every day, to live the life you want to without restrictions.


Health and well - BEING requires elevated self-awareness, connection, contribution and community.

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