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The Veteran Retreat Club CIC a not-for-profit organisation.  

All donations, funding and grants go into the running of our projects and services for military veterans.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


A specialised wellness company that provides health and wellbeing retreats and support services for UK based military veterans.

Beyond military service our servicemen/women often struggle with integrating into 'civvy' lifestyle.

They often feel alone, misunderstood and lacking purpose, which leads to frustration and poor mental and physical health and in worst case suicide, homelessness and prison sentences.


Our events and services provide a safe place, space and expertise to help provide tools to deal with this thing called LIFE. 


We work on all aspects of health and we provide a real understanding of the importance of self care.


During the time served veterans would have been posted in various places across the world making it difficult to have solid relationships 'back home', so when things become difficult there isn't a go-to to share worries and life's pressures.


Our guests become part of a network of veterans that provide the camaraderie and support that they have been missing since leaving the forces.


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